born 7/16/2002 and died 7/16,17/2002.
Remembered by Nana Surratt:
My Darling baby boys, my how the times does fly! It seems like yesterday when we said our good-byes to you, but it has been four years and the pain is still so strong at times we can hardly bear it. Life has gone on and we are doing great except for missing you. Your mommy and daddy are going on with their lives. They have to because of your sisters. Brynna is now asking questions about you and wondering why God took you and not her. This is really hard for a 4 year old to understand. Madisyn is just Madisyn, so full of life and mischief. Mommy is expecting another baby and the test are telling us that there might be something wrong with this baby, but we are trusting in the Lord to help us bear whatever is to come. It is really hard on her to keep up a good front, but she is trying. We will find out for sure in a few days so keep mommy in your prayers when you lay down with the Lord each night. Ask him to keep mommy close and take care of her. I hope you had a wonderful Christmas in heaven this year. Know that you were not forgotten and never will be. We love you and miss you more each day, Your loving Nana Surratt


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