miscarried 1/09/07.
Remembered by Mommy, Dad, Matt and Cel-Sel, Pinche Tia, Aunt Olga and Aunt Mary:
To my precious baby boy-Logan...... Our time together will have to wait. Mommy will wait til the end of time for our special “Play-Date“. God has bigger plans for you little man, so be a good boy and spread your wings. Help other kids when they go through difficult things. Angels like you are in high demand. There will always be someone that needs an angels little hand. It is true that I am so very sad, but I will be patient and wait for you. Just to know that I will see you again makes me so glad! When God decides that it is time for us to meet.......I will meet you in front of the Golden Gates. I won't be late!I will look amongst the millions of angels waiting for their Mommy's. Don't worry sweetie, I will recognize you. I will be looking for the missing piece of my heart. Love, Your Inconsolable Mommy


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