born January 26, 2006 and died March11, 2006.
Remembered by Your Family:
Rylee, your first birthday is fast approaching, and even after almost a year that you've been gone, we still miss you dearly. Not a day goes by that your not in our thoughts. How we all wish you were still here or that we had one more day, or that with time you could have gotten better, but , it wasn't meant to be, how sad that is to say. Babies aren't supposed to die. It was just something we never expected. there becomes such a void when a child dies, it's unexplainable, and only people who have walked in our shoes know what we feel every waking day. We pray for peace for ourselves and ask Jesus on your birthday especially to hold you close for us, kiss you a million times and tell you by name, all the peolpe who wish you a happy birthday and who will forever hold you close in our hearts. Our little Angel..... till we meet again Forever and a Day!


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