miscarried January 19, 2006.
Remembered by Mommy:
For Awhile.... How closely connected the heart and the womb. I just found out that you have not thrived for many weeks. Now I wait to physically separate from you, for awhile. I had so many plans for you. My womb was empty for a very long season and you gave me hope when you filled it. So baby as I wait to lose you, for awhile, just know my heart will always hold you. My womb and my heart don't want to let you go but I know it's only for awhile. So Heavenly Father please hold my baby, for awhile. And Lord I'll rest in knowing that you you are holding me too for awhile. Sweet Baby I know you now have perfect love from the one who created you and you are in the most blessed place. So enjoy the angels sweet Lullabys until Mommy can sing to you herself and just know I love and miss you so much.


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