born September 29, 2006 and died January 11, 2006.
Remembered by Jayden's Mommy and Daddy:
Our sweet Angel. We love and miss you so much. We miss the way you smiled, when you started talking saying I'm good and mommy and I love you. You already started rolling over and playing with your hands and your feet. You did alot of things while you were here with us and we are so thankful that God gave you to us and let us have so many memories. We haven't said goodbye forever, I know that for sure but we will always miss you until we meet again in Heaven. I know God is taking care of you right now and your in good hands. We love and miss you so much Baby Jayden and come visit us anytime you want to. We can sense you at times and I know you already have visited us and we know you are in a better place now, even though we miss you here right now. Letter to Mom by Joy Curnutt Mom, please donít feel guilty It was just my time to go. I see you are still feeling sad, And the tears just seem to flow. We all come to earth for our lifetime, And for some itís not many years I donít want you to keep crying You are shedding so many tears. I havenít really left you Even though it may seem so. I have just gone to my heavenly home, And Iím closer to you than you know. Just believe that when you say my name Iím standing next to you, I know you long to see me, But thereís nothing I can do. But Iíll still send you messages And hope you understand, That when your time comes to ďcross over,Ē Iíll be there to take your hand.


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