miscarried May 1, 1998.
Remembered by Sandra Carmichael (Mommy):
My Sweet One,
What a miracle your precious existence was. Twelve years behind your closest sibling, you made your unexpected (but joyous) advent into our lives on March 9th. Less than three weeks later, when I learned of your tiny presence, it took no time at all for my heart to welcome you inside. For a mere 7 1/2 weeks you grew within me, a part of me, a part of "us", a bonafide treasure of the most sacred and blessed variety. Your untimely departure has left us grieved of spirit and your mommy fighting solemn emptiness without you. For the weeks your young heart beat beneath my own, I have known no greater joy...for each night I lay down with you inside me, I give gracious thanks... and for every day I held you, not in my arms but in my body, I have felt the sincere peace borne of the mother-child bond, a bond that cannot be broken by time and chance. So goodnight my angel.
Until we hold you safe in our arms, we hold you securely in our hearts.
We love you, Your Mommy, Dustin, and Chelsea


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