miscarried march 04/07.
Remembered by Mommy (N)& Daddy(K):
My little love.. you came into our lives as such a miracle and surprise..your presence in our lives changed us forever. Your love brought mommy and daddy closer together..and helped us realize that miracles do happen.. I know we will get to meet you again someday.. until then you are in our hearts..your essence will always be in our soul.. I know we thought you were a gift to “us“ from the Creator..but now I realize the Creator has a different role for you. We want you to know that we love you and wanted to be the ones to raise you sooooo very much.. but we understand that was not meant to be. We are sad, but know you are safe and loved... You have given us the greatest gift we have ever experienced in our lives... you have helped us understand what love truly is... and have made us better people. Your energy will never leave us.. and has bonded us more than I ever thought possible. Peace to you my little love.. *smile*.. Thank you.. ((((hugs and kisses))) Mom and Dad


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