born 11-20-2000 and died 11-21-2000.
Remembered by Angela and Darrel Lee Blanton (Mommy and Daddy):
Softly, you tiptoed into our heart. On the wings of Love, you came, and our lives will never be the same, and just as silently as you came, you left our world, but not in vain. Oh, what a difference your tiny footsteps have made. (Poem by Gloria Villarma) My baby son although you would have turned 6 this last year I still find many days that I cry. People say that it has been so long and that I should let it go but who are they to say until they have lost a child. Little things make me think of you oh I miss you how I want you here with me. I know that Juses is rocking you but it is so unfair becouse I feel that should be me. Love Mommy


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