born 01/28/1992 and died 01/28/1992.
Remembered by Your Mommy, Daddy and 4 sisters that LOVE YOU!!!:
God i miss you!!! I didnt even get to see you or hold you or even get to kiss you good-bye... I carried you for six months and hated going in feeling you move and leaving the hospital without you. That broke my heart and still breaking my heart... I know i have other children now but i miss you sooo much ... I LOVE YOU STEVIE!!!! i found this poem id like to share... Special Angel in Heaven There's a special Angel in Heaven that is a part of me. It is not where I wanted him but where God wanted him to be. He was here but just a moment like a night time shooting star. And though he is in Heaven he isn't very far. He touched the heart of many like only an Angel can do. I would've held him every minute if the end I only knew. So I send this special message to the Heaven up above. Please take care of my Angel and send him all my love. Author unknown


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