miscarried 12 December 2003.
Remembered by Mummy and Daddy:
Bunny rugs and bottles, tears of joy, a brand new baby, to love and to hold. A name to be given, so sweet and so pure, hugs and sweet kisses, is what you would lure. To our sweet little baby, our Daughter or Son, your life it had ended, before it begun. Now that youíve left us, your up in Godís hands, an angel to watch, over all of our lands. We did not get to see you, or to hold your small hand, but we did get to love you, with all that we had. Your mum and dad love you, now even today, and the memory of you, will not fade away. We pray and we hope now, to see you one day, up there in heaven, a lifetime to stay. Ashleigh Hope, our daughter or son, never seen, never born, but will always be loved. Miscarried at 8 weeks, but will be loved and tressured forever.


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