miscarried February 4, 1997.
Remembered by Leslie (mom) and David (dad) Bellerose:
Little Soul gone away, Mommy only had you in her tummy for 8 weeks, but we wish you the very best and hope to see you again. Mommy cries for you and Daddy holds it in. We don't understand why you had to leave, but we do know you are in heaven with Grandma Lasso. Daddy doesn't understand why Mommy cries. Mommy has seen Daddy cry when he let go of your balloon at the rememberance walk in Florida. We know you are safe. You went away over 18 months ago and we are ready to begin again. Mommy and Daddy will not forget you, but we need to move on. Our love for you is everlasting, but to heal our hearts we must move on. Please be our angel in heaven and someday we will be together again! We love you sweet Baby Bellerose!!! We now have to say Good-bye!! Good-bye until we meet you again!
Your parents, Leslie and David Bellerose


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