born November 29, 1991 and died November 29, 1991.
Remembered by Aunt Mary:
To my dearest sister, Linda and her son Angel, who was still born. (We can only accept God's will, even if we can't explain it or understand it. But someday we will, and it will all make sense. In the meantime, we must find STRENGTH and HOPE, and have FAITH in His master plan. I wrote this poem, on your behalf, with all my heart and soul.)

The skies were blue, and had no doubt,
As golden mornings shined.
Only I was blessed to know,
This beloved child of mine.

The days had passed, and as they neared,
The Lord had made me see;
This child wasn't meant to be mine;
This child had a greater purpose than me.

By the Grace of God, I gave to Him,
A guardian for you and me.
I gave to Him my son called Angel;
An Angel he will always be.

The clouds have passed,
The skies are blue;
As golden mornings shine.
Angel is among us all;
He is with us all the time.


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