stillborn July 4 2006.
Remembered by Louisa & Michael Guidry:
I will never forget the day I found out I was pregnant, it was after a whole year of trying. I came home from work felt sick to my stomach so i decided to take a test. It was POSITIVE. I had my first ultrasound 4 weeks later, that is when i found out our daughter had Cystic Hygroma and Hypoplastic Leftheart. We were told she wouldnt make it through out the pergnant and if she did she would have constant heart problems. We were giving teh option of having an abortion or sticking it out and letting her go on her own. We didnt even have to think about the option we were going to take, if our daughter was going to go we were going to let her go on her own. The day finally came where she had to go, it was the exact day i turned 26 weeks, i was having bad stomach pains and i went to the OB to get checked, they couldnt find her heartbeat, that is when they told me she was gone. I had a vaginal dilivery after 26 hours of labor our little girl came out. We were giving the oppertunity to hold her and spend time with her before she had to be taken away. We planned her funeral and had her shipped to california where my home town is. Any day before the 26 weeks it would have been considered and normal miscariage but Simona fought her way to give us the chance to name her and hold her and have her sent somewhere she will always be visited. I miss my little girl so much and i will never forget 4th of July.


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