miscarried june 27, 2007.
Remembered by mommy [elizabeth baker]:
an angel holds a baby in heaven every day he kisses his head and says it's okay he tells him of his life the memories he's had about being on earth as a husband and dad as the man looks at his face and smiles a little more he laughs at the baby “i've seen that look before“ “you have your daddy's lips, and your grandma's chin, your mommy's nose, and your aunt's skin“ “the greatest thing i see in you, is the way your soul flies, i'm proud to say, you have your great grandpa's eyes“ “you miss your family, i know how it feels, i've missed them for years now, it never really heals“ “but we have each other now, and one day you'll see that they are always in your heart just like they're always with me“ “i'll take good care of you, til your mommy comes above, i promise i'm a good grandpa, i'll give you so much love“ “you are my grandson, i love you so, so you'll never get lonely, because i'll never let you go“ “your mommy doesnt have to worry, i'll be here with you forever, and one day you'll see her again, when we're all back together.“ i miss my baby and wish this hadn't happened to me. but i like to think my grandpa is up there holding him and taking care of him until i'm there.


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