miscarried June 29th, 2007.
Remembered by Mommy & Daddy:
We had been planning to have you for so long. When the month of June finally came, we started trying and you came so quickly. We were so excited with the thoughts of who you would look like and whether you were a boy or a girl. Your Daddy wanted you to be a boy Jr. But no matter if you were a boy or a girl, we wanted you to be healthy. You will live in our hearts forever and we will never forget you. We will move on to try for your siblings, but they will never replace you. We just want you to know how much you were already loved even though you were never born. Someday, Mommy and Daddy will see you in heaven, but for now, you are safe with the Lord and Grandma Sharla, Great Grandma Opal, Papa W.J. and Uncle Michael. Love Always, Mommy & Daddy


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