born 21 december 2005 and died 3 febuary 2006.
Remembered by mummy:
my dear little man you where all i ever wanted in my life but only you came premature at 27weeks and everyone told us you would make it but you didnt you died 6weeks later cos you where not looked after right.i miss you so much brogan i love you to bits as i wrire this i cry my eyes out but i cant help where so strong and a wee fighter but muummy misses you so much as i still have all your things and always will love you my sweet baby boy.TO ALL YOUS MUMS READING THIS IM SORRY FOR YOUE LOSS AS IVE CRYD TO EVERY STORY I LOOKED AT ON HERE I HOPE YOUS ALL TRY AND GET BETTER TILL WE MEET ALL YOUR BABYS AGAIN XXX


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