born 7-27-07 and died 7-27-07.
Remembered by Mommy and Daddy:
We decided to have a baby, your Daddy and I, You came to us so easily, we hardly had to try. First I heard your heartbeat, then you started kicking, You moved around a lot, always rolling and hiccupping! Then came the ultrasound, your Daddy was so nervous, But his feelings turned to joy when we found out you were a healthy boy! We were so excited, we couldn't wait to meet you, we made so many plans, we had so much to do. Then one night while I was at work, our world came to a halt, I started labor early, it just couldn't be stopped. I gave birth to you that night, my sweet little baby boy, Seventeen weeks to soon, and just too small to survive. Our lives are changed forever, we long for you all the time, You'll never be forgotten, Benjamin Henry we'll always love you.


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