miscarried 8/7/2007.
Remembered by Mommy & Pops:
Although we never got to see your precious little face, we know that you were beautiful. It was so amazing to see your little heart beating on the ultrasound screen! Our hearts were broken when your life ended before it even truly began. Your older siblings Bethany and Ryan were so eager to meet you and always showered you with hugs and kisses. They too, were saddened that your arrival here on Earth was not meant to be. I often wonder why God blessed us with your life, only to take you away. I may never know “why“ but I do know that your your life, though short, was filled with purpose. Although we were not able to see you alive here on Earth, you will always live on forever in our hearts. Sleep well, precious little baby, and may we be reunited again someday.


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