born July 9, 1998 and died July 9, 1998.
Remembered by Loren and Deborah Boone, (Daddy & Mommy) Devin(big Brother):
IN MEMORY OF BABY BOY (WAS TO BE JUSTIN ROBERT) BOONE born July 9, 1998 and died July 9, 1998. Remembered by Daddy, Mommy and Big Brother Devin: Little Baby Boy Boone, Your life was a wanted one. So much technology and love went into carring you. You were always very active inside me and on the ultra sounds but God must of needed an angel that day because he took you 3 months early. You were so tiny and small,like a little doll as I held you for the first time and last. I know one day we will meet again, and I will hold you for ever.There is not one year, one month, one day that I don't wonder who you would of looked like now, what color eyes or what kind of laugh you would have. I urn to hold you again. I wish you love and kisses my little boy.


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