miscarried between 8/4 -8/13 not sure.
Remembered by M.S.- Mami:
Baby I'm soo sad you had to go I only carried you for 6wks going on 7 I'm hurting deep inside mami started bleeding though it wasn't alot and had some blood clots and went to the ER they said everything was okay my cervix was closed but that I could be prone to having a miscarriage I prayed it wouldn't happen,I'm not sure when I lost you maybe it was the next day when I got two more blood clots I was so scared but thought everything would be okay I bled for another wk and on 8/13 had pain in my pelvic and more clots, I loved you then and will continue to love you and will never forget you. I will always wonder what you would have been like who you would've have looked like I looked forward to meeting you, You will always be my first, Mami's hurting soo much right now everyone thinks you can over this so quick but it takes time the only thing that helps me get through is knowing you are with God and will continue to grow we will see each other again my lil angel I love you Baby R Love always and forever Mami M.S.


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