miscarried 8/25/07.
Remembered by Mommy Rachel ,Daddy Ryan , Ivee, Ashley, Derek, Marin:
My dear precious baby, how my heart lit when I heard your own anxious strong heartbeat at 6 weeks. You didn't look too much like a “baby“ at the time, but you were MY baby, and beautiful to me. I hardly thought of anything else , but the tiny life with the strong heart growing inside me. I wanted to be the best mommmy I could be and did everything I could do do give you a strong healthy body to grow in. I was anxiously waiting my next visit to see your little forming arms and legs and your strong spine, little round head, and that little strong heart beating life into you. Sadly my angel, the next time I saw you wasn't what I had dreamed. I started bleeding and panicked, going straight to the e.r. The Dr. assured me that sometimes bleeding happenes and it's normal, but sometimes not...he would see. They did a few blood tests then took me to the untrasound room. Tears welled in my eyes even before he said anything...I knew. My beatiful angel had gone home...the little heart that had once beaten strong was still. I thought mine would break.Daddy cried too Ryder...big tears. You are our baby ,Ryder. Daddy,Ivee, Ash, D, woo, and especially mommy loves you...always and forever


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