born September 14, 1998 and died October 20, 1998.
Remembered by Your big sister:
My little brother was such a suprise for our family, considering our mom was 43 at the time! I was 17 and I came home from school and found out about the newest addition to our family! We were all so excited. The longest 9 months of our lives. Clark was born perfect and beautiful! We were such a happy family. Clark was a great baby. I remember waking up at 3 AM hearing him crying for some food! Unfortunetly Clark wouldn't stop crying and our mom new something was wrong. He went to the hospital and never came back home. He lived for another 3 weeks but he was sedated the whole time. Clark's liver was never functioning, the doctors think he caught a virus in the womb. We may never know. Clark would be turning 9 this year. I am glad that we got to meet him and have him in our family for the time that we did. My little brother Clark.


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