born 23 july 1998 and died 14 march 1999.
Remembered by philip h bracewell, jr - grandfather:
“little man“ was taken early from me, i never saw him alive, i was planing a trip from north carolina to tampa florida in April 1999, but he passed to god the month before i was to make the trip, when i learned of his illness, i drove to tampa as fast as i could, near the ga/fl border i ran into a rain shower, and just as it ended, my son, philip III, called and said that “little man“ had died in his arms, i cannot tell you the grief i felt, but in his wisdom, god put the most beautiful rainbow in the sky, the largest, widest, longest, i have ever seen, i have seen death first hand in vietnam for 21 months, but “littl man's“ death has stayed with me more than my own father's death, he was so little and so very special, he is buried in mount peace cemetery, st cloud, florida under a beatiful shade tree, that as i am told, shares a rainbow after every rain, i live in the foot hills of north carolina where there are wonderful rainbows after each shower, and i feel the warmth of everyone i see, and feel the touch of “little man“ in my heart....


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