miscarried 16 August 2007.
Remembered by Mammy Susan, Daddy Ricky ,Aunty Jeni, Uncle Paul,Nana Ann,Granda Pat:
There isnt 1 minute of one day i dont think about you my angel,i keep tinking about how life would be if you were still here & i was still pregnant,its so hard for me sometimes i tink i cant go on & wanna just join you “up there“ i know the other angels are looking out for you & you are lookin down on me and your daddy smiling. i wish things could be different but i guess god has a plan for each of us & u just werent to stay with me.your daddy acts so strong&hides his feelings so well-he was so happy when i told him i was pregnant he called you his “little star“ i was so xcited but scared too and then one friday my dreams were all blown to all cried out baby. and i just want you to know that i love you & i would have done my best a as mammy...*love you baby Kasey* you were mine & your daddys “lil irish jam“


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