born November 3, 1998 and died November 3, 1998.
Remembered by mother Lillian Malit and all the loving relatives:
For months I spent time preparing and looking forward to seeing my angel, I remember being overwhelmed with joy when I found out I was having a baby boy, it was perfect and I began to buy blue. I invited family to dinner, and informed them that I would name the baby Tariq, and that I was taking applications for babysitters. I talked to the baby every night and just imagined what we would do together when he came> I had only 6 weeks and my angel would be here, little did I know that God had different plans for me. At the table I watched the doctor turn off the ultra sound machine as he murmured to me that the baby was DEAD!!!!! I buried him November 9 and I hope that I can be the same person again.


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