miscarried September 7th 1993.
Remembered by Mommy:
We had just found out 3 weeks earlier you were coming.We were thrilled,you were to be our second child.The day after labour day,I started spotting.I went to my Dr. right away who listened for your heartbeat but couldnt hear anything! I was devestated.He said he was so sorry and that I should go home and rest and if the bleeding got worse to go to ER.It did and I had to have a D&C but you were already gone.Just your sac remained. I was so sad.We cried for days.I miss you so much.You have an older sister and younger brother.They are great! One day,we will all meet again and I will finally get to hold you.I love you.I miss you and I will never forget you my baby ...never !! Love, Mom


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