stillborn September 20, 2007.
Remembered by Mommy( Aaliyah) and Daddy (Alvin):
To My Daughter, My love for you will surpass eternity. I felt your being and you become my core. The remeberence of our time together is what gets me through a day. And the thought of our meeting again is what keeps me going. Selfishly, I want you here by my side. To smell you, To hold you, To hear your first cry, To see yor first smile. For six and a half months I dreamed of your little face, your sweet hands and little toes. I began planning for our life together, And in an instant it was taken away from me. But you will always remain in my heart, my soul, my memory and my thoughts. I t is my prayer that your brothers and sisters will each tell a story of what you have left behind in my womb . And bring forth a part of you that I was never able to behold. I love you Aja, Always and Forever.


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