miscarried 6-6-04 & 3-17-05.
Remembered by Mommy & Daddy and the mutts:
We never thought we'd get pregnant ... Miraculously, without medical intervention, we did - 2 weeks after we found out, Baby D1 went to heaven. Our angel, we knew you would watch over us, and help us to become a family. We got pregnant again, and miscarried Baby D2 at almost 12 weeks. Because of some testing, we know you were a girl, and in my heart, I call you Annekke. We miss you both, even though we never had the chance to see your beautiful faces. My heart aches to think of you, my precious babies. But I know you have been our angels, and helped us bring your little brother safely in to this world. I know you will keep him safe. I know we will all be a family again in heaven one day. You will always be in our heart, and will never be forgotten. Mommy loves you!!


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