born 13/09/07.
Remembered by Katie (Mommy) Dan (Daddy) Carol (grandma) Kathy (Nanny) Gary (Grandad) Tommy (Uncle) Maddy and Margr:
To our baby J You are very loved and everyone is hopeing you are happy and being well behaved, im sure you are sweety. None of us wil ever forget you and you will always be loved by us. Mommy and Daddys first born. Our precious angel. sorry iv been so sad angel, but im getting better now, i know your looking down on us. Please dont worry about us baby we just miss you. Be good for everyone looking after you and i will see you one day, im sure. i'll light you a candle every now and then just to show u your loved. But if i lit one every time i thought of you i would need millions of candles! so every time u see mommy light a candle, its for you sweety. All our love BOO Mommy Daddy and everyone else xxxxxxxx


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