stillborn 11/2/2007.
Remembered by Your Mommy Allison & Your Daddy Josh as well as your huge Bailey,Berzin, Spiwak,Hess, Riggs and St:
My precious Hannah, How I miss you everyday, still feels like yesterday. To only hold you once more. To hear you giggle or smile or even to see your eyes. I still wonder how you would look at me. 9 months I carried you, talked to you, sang and read to you. I loved you from the moment, I was pregnant, my little princess to be. Your nursery all ready, filled with toys and love, never to be used by you. I wish...I wish to be with you again someday, to know you are laughing and playing watching over us, gives me some peace. We will remember you and miss you for the rest of our lives. Forever to be our litle princess. WE WILL ALWAYS LOVE YOU HANNAH.


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