born August 28, 2004 and died December 14, 2004.
Remembered by Nana, Kati, Joey, Emali, and Ashley,:
Dear Hayleibug, Everyone still misses you dearly. Nobody has forgotten about you. No one will ever forget about you. You have been with God for 3 years today. Your entire family thinks about you every day. There is not a day in our lives that we do not think about you. Your Brother and sister still talk about you. Nana misses you a LOT!! She thinks about you every day. Even though you are with god, you are still with us in our hearts and in our mind. Kati still thinks about you too. She misses you as much as everyone else and wishes that God didn't have to take you away from us 3 years ago. I wish that there was some way to get you back down here with us. That would make Nana really happy to see you and hold you again. You will be in our lives forever. We will always love you!!!!


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