miscarried 12/19/2007.
Remembered by Mommy (Megan Joy):
I recently just had a miscarriage being 4 months pregnant. While I was in the hopsital my nurses told me I could give my baby something to be cremated with. I wanted to give her a picture of me but I didn't have any, so I wrote her this poem.

My Beautiful Angel,

I wish more than anything
to be able to hold you everyday,
to be able to see you grow up,
and to see your first beautiful smile.
I love you more than the world
I loved you with everything I have
from the second I first held your
tiny body.
You looked like an Angel
wrapped up in that little blanket,
your tiny hands together by your
beautiful face.
Everything about you is so small, yet so beautiful
your tiny little feet and tiny little toes,
your tiny little hands and tiny fingers
that could barely hold my pinky.
It's so hard to say good-bye
When we have only just met.
How can I say good-bye
to such a perfect, beautiful Angel?
You may be gone but,
you will always be my Angel,
you will always by my beautiful baby girl
Mommy will always love you.

My Beautiful Sophia,

While you're in Heaven
watching down on me,
remember that Mommy loves you
remember, if you can,
the way it felt when Mommy held you
and that I will be with you one day
to do it again.

My Beautiful Angel,
My Sophia Marie,
Mommy w


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