born 05/25/1996 and died 05/26/1996.
Remembered by Mommy(Nikol), Daddy(Scott) and little brothers who didn't get to meet you! Mckenzie and Jay:
My darling angel girl I miss you terribly, but the Lord up above had another agenda for you to do. While your time with us was very short, I enjoyed every minute that I had with you and your daddy enjoyed the couple of hours he had with you. I am really regretting not holding you when the doctors brought you in to see me for the first time. You were so beautiful, you looked at me with those big beautiful eyes and stuck your tongue out as if you wanted to nurse, but I was so scared I was going to hurt you if I picked you up. All we knew at the time was that you were having respiratory problems and because your daddy and I were in the Army and stationed overseas Panama they didn't have the neonatal equipment at the Army hospital to care for you, so you had to go to the Panamanian hospital away from Mommy. Daddy accompanied you to the their hospital and stayed with you until he was asked to leave. We got the call later that next morning that things didn't go well over night and that you had to have surgery. During surgery you had a heart attack and died. I miss you so much my baby girl it hurts every day that I am not with you. WE LOVE AND MISS YOU SO MUCH WORDS CAN NOT EXPLAIN JUST HOW MUCH!!!


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