miscarried July 17, 2007.
Remembered by Mom (Trudy), Dad (Wilfrido), Her big brother (Lovel) and family members.:
TO:KAYLAN-OUR LITTLE ANGEL. We gave you life your father and I. We thought you would be here to share in the joys, the sad times and all the plans your dad and I had for you. You made your mom wanted to have another child after so long. Your dad was so excited, he couldn't wait to see your pretty face. The whole family look forward to your coming. But everything was cut short, in an instant you were gone. The joys came to an end, suddenly the tears starts to flow. How we missed you, not even words can tell. Loosing you gave us anger, pain and heartaches we never knew existed. Because you were the little girl we always wanted, the little girl we always dreamt we would some day have. We guessed the Lord had plans for you, we know he'll take care of you and love you just like we do. Goodbye our little angel “KAYLAN“ ,you're our little pooh bear. We will always miss and remember you. Love Mom and Dad.


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