stillborn 02/17/2008.
Remembered by Kristen S. Kaminsky:
Dear Kayden Emily, How I miss your beautiful little face in your cradle. I wanted to take you home with me from the hospital so desperately. I never thought this tragedy would happen. I thought a lot of things that might happen but never this. The doctors always said how strong and healthy you were. 7 lbs. 8 1/2 oz, I'd say!! You look so perfect when you were born. You had the chubbiest little cheeks and sweetest lips and eyelashes. I wanted so badly to kiss all the little parts of you all over forever and ever. I would have never stopped kissing you if you were here. I love you so very much and you will always be my firstborn daughter. I will always remember you be sure of that. I will remember you every day in everything I see because I miss you so badly. My heart is in a million pieces. Nothing will be able to repair it I can assure you that. I can't wait to hold you again in Heaven. Please make sure everyone is taking very good care of you until I can come take care of you. I want so badly to see you now, to hold and cradle you now. But it is not meant yet, I guess. God had a different plan. I LOVE YOU KAYDEN EMILY FOREVER AND EVER!!!! Always, Mommy


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