stillborn 02/17/2008.
Remembered by Mommy:
She was so small, so beautiful, so full of hope and promise. What a blessing she has been to all of us who knew her those few short months. She taught us to love, to hope beyond expectation, to trust in that which is unseen. She drew us together in our anxiety, our moments of despairing and hopelessness, as well as in our joys and delight, and in her every breath. Her life ended prematurely; just so had she been born. Too soon she died. We wept. The tears continue. We hugged and held one another. The pain will always linger. Our hearts emptier for her absence and the unfulfilled dreams she promised. But the love she brought into our lives will live forever. Thank you for giving her to us. Thank you for the blessing that she will always be. Thank you for the love we would never have known, but for her and her brief days with us. Thank you for Kayden Emily, our blessed child of grace. Amen. - Vienna Cobb Anderson I will love you always and forever my firstborn daughter, Mommy


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