stillborn March 1, 2008.
Remembered by Melissa and Michael Levine:
After a Cournual Ectopic Pregnancy and 2 years of infertility treatments we were thrilled to be pregnant with twins from our second IVF. Everything was going well, I did not have any morning sickness. My husband finally got excited when we found out they were a boy and a girl. At 16 weeks I started getting a nice round belly. By 18 weeks I enjoyed feeling them squirm around kick me. The week before their death Eli, who was positioned under my ribs really began to kick me so I could see it on the outside of my stomach. It was the coolest thing. I giggled with excitement. We called them by names and made plans like they were already here. At my OB appointment on Thursday they were fine, moving around with strong heartbeats. On the morning of Saturday March 1st I woke up at 3 am with the most horrible pain I have ever experienced. It had snowed that night and it was beautiful and white and quiet out. I made Michael rush me to the ER because I couldn't catch my breath or move because of the pain. Hearing the OB in the emergency room tell me their were no heartbeats was the most devastating thing I have ever heard. I had a ruptured uterus, 3 pints of blood in my uterus and was going to die if they did not get me into surgery ASAP. Eli Joshua and Samantha Brooke were born still at 10:47 and 10:49 at 24 weeks gestation. In my daze later that day I got to hold and kiss my twins and memorize all of their features. We took pictures and kissed them and hugged them. They were so beautiful. So special. So cold. I did not want to let them go. I am still so raw and miss them so much. Eli and Samantha, my angels. I hope you are up there looking down on me. Please protect me and guide me through this hurt and loss. Please. I will never forget you and I love you both so much.


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