miscarried November 7, 2007.
Remembered by Mommy, Daddy, Joshua & (Unknowingly for now) LilyAnne:
Dearest baby, we love and miss you! I will never forget how excited I was waiting to learn you were here. I didn't sleep for nights because I was so anxious about you. We wanted you SO much that it physically hurt to be patient. When I learned I was pregnant with you, my heart about jumped out of my skin. Daddy was SO thrilled! We only knew about you for certain for 2 days, when I knew something was wrong. We had just told your big brother, but never even had a chance to tell your big sister that you were here, before the doctor said that you might be gone. It took almost 2 weeks to learn for sure that you had gone to be with the Lord. In that time I learned so much from you. I learned how to lean on God and how to wait (which I would need later, as well). I learned that I could miss someone that I had never met before with ALL of my heart (again a lesson I would relearn). You may have been very, very tiny..but you were very, very loved. Now your baby brother, Josiah, has joined you and we are preparing for his funeral. My heart breaks for you both! I pray that you are together and that God has you tucked away under His wing. I will love you both forever, Mommy.


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