miscarried 5/6/2008.
Remembered by Maria P Leithem:
I just want my baby to know that I loved him or her.That even if your dad didn't I think deep inside him there was love for you. I loved you. Even though I had a lot of problems with asthma during the pregnancy I still was very happy you are getting born. Don't blame your dad because there is one person who still loves you everyday.I just wish that I could of stop listening to your dad and dad's family and listen to you and my heart. It very still upsets me that before you passed away I heard your heartbeat. That I will never forget.You would have been born around 12/15/2008. I know for me that it will be a very sad time for me. I am glad I got your grandpa(mommy's dad) and uncle(mommy's brother) to be there for me at that time in need.I cant help to pray for you.And very deeply sorry in my heart that I did what I did.I hope in time I will remember that good times we had while you were in my stomach.


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