stillborn February 3, 2008.
Remembered by Mommy, Daddy, Biggest Sissy Mahlon, Big Sissy Marley:
Our precious Miley was born sleeping 2/3/08. We will never forget her birth - as silent as it was, her death - as difficult as it was and continues to be, and her short 38 wks and 5 day existance she had with us. Her spirit lives within all of us who love and miss her. We know she will always be shinning down on us from the heavens craddled in the arms of God. She is in a place where she is happy, healthy, and as free as the cardinals soaring above the clouds. We will always remember that some only dream of angels, and we were chosen to hold one! Miley was truely a gift from God and will always have a special place deep inside our hearts and souls. We will always cherish her beauty and grace that took our breath away. We will meet again in heaven one day, but until then each time the wind blows, the flower blooms, the snow falls, and the sun shines, we will always know that she is with us throughout the seasons of life. We love and miss you our sweet angel Miley!


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