born November 08, 2006 and died November 08, 2006.
Remembered by Mommy and Daddy:
Dearest baby Cash, Our only son, our first child. We loved you from the moment we found out you were gracing our lives. The hour and a half that we held you in our arms were worth the pain and grief and sorrow that later came. You were the spitting image of your father, tall and lean, big hands and feet, and a little bum! I feel as though I am missing a limb, everyday that we are apart. Somehow we will make it through this. Somehow we will be together again. Somehow we will continue on and make our lives rich. Daddy and I love you endlessly and hope you are taking good care of your baby sister, Eva Meadow. One day we will be a family together again. We love you forever, Mommy and Daddy. xo


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