miscarried 17th June 2008.
Remembered by Your Mummy Anna-Marie And Big Sister Megan:
Lord, today I sent my baby to you Please give her wings and let her fly She's new at this so take it slow Teach her how they flutter by I'll miss her so though we'd never met And I'll never know her smile But you need her and now she's yours She was only mine a while She'll never know pain And she'll never know fear For I know that you will keep her near And now . . . I close my eyes to say good bye And watch her fly away to you Please keep her Lord, and love her 'till I get my wings and join you too I am so sorry i couldnt keep you safe, I should have protected you more. Sorry I let you down little one. Now your up there I hope your going to be good and keep an eye on your sister and mummy and daddy xxx


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