stillborn May 5,2008.
Remembered by dad marlon, mom Anneika,grandmother cutie, grandfather uriel ,aunts and uncle.:
my daughter was an angel i cherished every moment i spent with her the movements, the kick and the soft touches she made inside my womb, she change my life drammatically in a way that i cant forget her i cry everynight and day because i cant see or hold her and it hurts even more to know that she was gonna be my first child and she still is my first baby i will always love and rememeber my baby as long as i live knowing that the pain of losing her will never go away we will always love you bum bum.and i hope that up in heaven at the fathers feet she is safe and happy i love love you bum bum {thats her pet name} i am not sorry that you came into my life but only that it was for a short time i just wanted to see you open your eyes and smile that would make me happy and the most appreciated person in the world just to hold her close to me i miss you baby.


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