born july 11, 2007 and died july 20, 2007.
Remembered by sandra,audiel, anthony and nayelie:
our precious little angel. you were wished for so much. your sister waited with so much excitement and ready to share her room with you. your brother was so proud to be the big brother to two beautiful sisters. your father who waited anxiously to hold another piece of us together. and me who spent those three months hoping your arrival would be safe and healthy after spending all that time in the hospital together. you know how much i wanted to hold you in my arms and bring you home. to see you grow and smile, to hear you cry, to hear your laugh. but even though we couldn't keep you, you mean the world to us. and there isn't a day we don't think or mention your name. We love you baby girl and until we meet again we'll carry you in our hearts and souls. I know your grandmas are both taking good care of you. I know you're here with us even though we can't see you, I know i get your scent floating in the air sometimes. Momma loves you baby girl.


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