miscarried 02-03-07.
Remembered by Mommy,Daddy, and little Bro Serg:
No one will ever be able to convince me that what I experienced on February 3rd, 2007 was not real. On a day when I would have not chosen, for which I hurt for over a year I lived something that I could not really fight off even if I had to live it again; as much as I wish I would not have to lose such gift. I sat at home on a Saturday morning feeling odd all day and when evening came I decided to lay down in my bed room. As I laid there I started to feel worried and bothered by my thoughts I closed my eyes and suddenly I felt the room filled with a special presences and the aroma of roses filled the room. It had happened once before so I felt I knew what it was that I felt. I asked out loud are you coming for my baby? A sweet feeling, calm, and soft thought came to mind which answered yes! I could do nothing it was the way it had to be so, I prepared my self. I literally felt my child leave my body; my abdominal area became soft and empty. I felt my stomach and just held it for a little while thinking how empty it did feel now. I made my self get off the bed and headed to the hospital there it was confirmed that the body of my child was no longer as it should be and his/her little soul was indeed gone. After a year of pain I attended a christian religious retreat in which I came to see that my child was indeed with christ that he had opened his arms out to him/her and now my baby was better than it could ever be, although we had big plans for you Gabbi! I miss you and love you and your big Bro wishes you could have been here with us.


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