miscarried July 7, 2008.
Remembered by Your Mom and Dad:
We were so happy when we learned on the 1st of June that you had joined us, and you brought us so much joy and blessing during the five weeks and one day that we knew you were with us. At night before we went to sleep your dad liked to place his hand on your mom's belly, soft and warm, in hopes that you would feel how much we loved you, even though you were still so small. You traveled the world with us during your short life, from the sand dunes and Silk Road cities of Turkmenistan to the blue waters of the Bosphorus and the dreaming spires of Oxford, and we had hoped to share so much more with you. Our precious baby, just know that you were wanted, wanted, wanted, and loved, loved, loved. We miss you so much now that you are gone. We hope and pray that we will see you again someday when the heavens and earth are made new, when sorrow and sighing flee away at last, and everything that is sad finally comes untrue.


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