miscarried September 30, 008.
Remembered by Mommy, Daddy and Gracie:
My dearest baby: We love you so much and always will. Daddy and I were so excited to know that we were going to have you. I told your big sister and I know that she was excited she just couldn't tell us. I heard you beautiful heart beat on September 23. It was so low but it was there and it was beautiful. They told me something was wrong then but I knew that you were going to be fine and fine you are- your with Jesus. I know that you are in no better hands then the ones you are in now. Please know that I will never forget you and I will love you always. I know that we will meet again and when we do it will be great to finally hold you in my arms. I hope that you will always look down on us and smile because I will be looking up and smiling at you as you grow in Heaven. Never forget me please. I love you always- Your Mommy


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