Remembered by Your Mommie:
I remember when i first found out that i was having you. I was scared, terrified really, of having a baby. i thought that i could not keep you cause of the inconvience to me. but then i had a dream about you. You were 3 years old and the most gorgeous child i ever seen. Looked so much like your father. the same twinkling eye, curly hair, and mischievous little smile. You wanted m&m's and i said no. but then you gave me this cute innocent puppy eyes, pouted and said please mommie? i love you mommie! when i woke up i was looking for you. i wondered where were you. then i realized you were not born yet. after that i decided that i was going to have you and find some way to take care of you. I was so happy now because i had a feeling that in the end everything was going to be alright. we would be fine and happy. you would be my little precious boy. I was looking forward to your firsts. first time i see you, first time i hold you, first words, first steps. i already had dreams for you. then you were gone. i really wanted you in my life and i tried to stay healthy and avoid anything that would harm you. i didn't know why it was happening to me, why was god taking you away from me. but there wasn't anything that i could do. i had no control over anything. i felt so helpless. But I know that god needed an angel so he took you from me. I know that i will never truly get over you because you were a part of me and already made yourself a place in my heart. Not a day goes by where i don't think about you. I just want you to know how much i miss you. You will always be in my prayers, mind and my heart. I love you son!


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