miscarried March 4 2008.
Remembered by Daddy Mommy:
We had 18 weeks of joy! I spent 26 years thinking I could not get pregnaunt, then just 4 months shy of my 27th birtheday I found out you were in my belly. I felt you grow inside of me I saw your face on the screen in every sonogram. I even felt your first moovements. Your dady rubbed you through my belly. He had such plans for you and him to work on cars, build go carts, and play with the baby piggies in the barn. He would of given you the world if you would of stayed long enough to see. He loves you so! We picked out a beutiful name to go with a beautiful little girl. WE miss you every day and wish you were here with us. We love you so much and always will. No other could take your place, I hope you watch us from up above and guid our heats to peace. I hope you are with grampa charlie and are very happy being one of gods little angels. If we are to have another child we know you will watch over them just like a big sister would. Our little Olivia we love you so much! I will let you go to fly with Jesus!


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