miscarried May 14, 2008.
Remembered by Mommy:
This page is a tribute to the baby I lost in a chemical pregnancy, 3 days after Mother's Day 2008. I had previously submitted a memorial and wanted to update her page, but could not which is why I write this new memorial. On Mother's Day 2008, I saw the faint pink line on the test, and I knew that she was real. Three days later, my period came and she was lost forever. I miss her dearly. But I stay thankful that I had even that short time in which I knew her. I will never know if she was indeed a son or a daughter, but I chose to identify her as a daughter. I named her for her great great grandmother and great aunt, for she was conceived around the time of their birthdays. Ione, for the short time she was with me, was a gift beyond all words imaginable. I know she would have been beautiful. Had she been born, she would have literally been a member of every race in the world. Her mother is part Puerto Rican, black, Native American and has traces of Scottish and Portuguese-Jewish ancestry. Her father was from India. She was a treasure, a gem. I grieve for her deeply. Even though she was with me for the too-briefest time, I thank God for her. For giving me this most beautiful and rarest gem. To have been blessed to carry her even for that shortest time, just fills me with such pride. Ione I love you forever, forever. You would have been the rarest gift to this world.


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